Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series


Rules and Entry Forms


Swim times (except those of swimmers wearing wetsuits) achieved on participation in Dolphin Mile Series swims may be submitted to Midmar Mile organisers as Midmar Mile qualifying swims. To ensure that times are included in results sent to the Midmar Mile office, please include ID numbers on the Dolphin Mile entry form. All swimmers entering the Dolphin Mile are to sign an entry form, even if you have entered online. This is for safety and indemnity purposes.


1. The Declaration section on the Entry Form applies for ALL events in a Series.

2. Therefore, the Entry Form only needs to be fully completed once for each Series.

3. If you wish to swim in the next event on the Series calendar, please sms/email Heather by the

    Friday before the event so your name can be entered into the timing system prior to the event.

4. If you are pre-entered as in (3) above then, on the Sunday morning of the event, go directly to

    the Pre-Entry table to pay your entry fee and to receive your race number.

5. If you have queries in this regard, please contact Heather Campbell on 0823207083.  



Entry forms are to be properly completed and signed by participants, providing ALL required details, and completed forms are also to be signed by a parent of the swimmer if the swimmer is under the age of 21 years.

  No swimmer under the age of 10 years, on the date of the swim, will be allowed to participate. This is a standard event safety consideration and requirement.

  Swimmers are required to attend an event briefing, presented by the Safety Officer of the day, held 15 minutes prior to the start of the event as details regarding safety measures, route, etc. are advised at the briefing.

  A coloured year-specific swim cap will be provided, at a nominal cost to the swimmer, at the swimmer’s first Dolphin Mile Surf Swim registration of a particular year and this cap is to be worn for each event of the particular year. This is a compulsory safety measure.

 Swimwear - The wearing of FINA-approved swimsuits is generally expected of participants. This includes the wearing of FINA-approved swimsuits used in open water events. To quote from the FINA guide: “BL 8.4 From June 1, 2010 Open Water swimwear for both men and women shall not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor shall extend below the ankle. All Open Water swimsuits shall comply with the FINA Criteria for Materials and Approval Procedures.”

 With increasing participation of swimmers wishing to wear tri- and wetsuits for Dolphin Mile Series swims, the wearing of tri- and wetsuits is now also accommodated. With due reference to guidelines applicable to Ironman events, and to quote from a FINA memo as a guide: “BL 8.5. For the purpose of these rules, wetsuits are swimsuits made of material providing thermal insulation. Wetsuits for both men and women shall completely cover torso, back, shoulders and knees. They shall not extend beyond the neck, wrists and ankles.”

 Due to the increased participation of swimmers wearing wetsuits, a merit position prize will now also be awarded to the first wetsuit-wearing swimmer, to cross the finish line at each swim.

  However, due to the buoyancy benefit afforded swimmers wearing wetsuits, participants choosing to wear wetsuits cannot have their times submitted to Midmar Mile organisers as Midmar qualifying times.

 Swimmers may not make use of swim fins.

Swimmers must ALL follow the route and round course markers as instructed at the briefing. A swimmer not doing so will be disqualified.

All competitors are required to run through, and EXIT, the finish tunnel without stopping to check times or places. It is not possible for the officials to do a proper job of the timekeeping and place judging when swimmers do not adhere to this instruction.

 The times and place position of participants in an event will usually be posted on the Dolphin Mile website within 48 hours of the completion of the event.