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 You can download a full list of all your swims here from 2010 - TOTAL number of swims

You can download a list of your number of swims for 2017 - Swims in 2017

DMSS – Acknowledgement of participation and achievement

 An innovation for the Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series, with effect from Event 1 of the 2017 Series on 9 April 2017, was the introduction of the presentation of a token in order to acknowledge participation and achievement as a swimmer in Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series events.

 The Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series is a unique, and unsponsored and self-funding, event on the South African swim scene. A guiding principle of the Dolphin Mile Series is the promotion of open water sea swimming, amongst swimmers of all ages and ability. Participants have enjoyed the challenge presented by a sea swim, while being able to enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with the completion of each swim. Elite swimmers have also been able to add their energy to the events.

 A decision was taken to offer Dolphin Mile Series swimmers acknowledgement of participation and a token to record their achievement.

 A database has been established of swimmers, with a record of their participation in Dolphin Mile Series events, from the 2010 Series events to the present. The exercise has revealed that, to date, a total of 2133 swimmers have participated in at least one Series event for the period under consideration, with a total number of 9088 sea mile swims having been completed!

 Swimmers who have completed 50 Dolphin Mile Series swims since 2010 were awarded “50 MILER” medals at prize giving after the last Series event of 2017 on Sunday 3 September 2017. A significant achievement!

 The 2017 Series of 9 events proved to be most successful. The 9 events attracted a combined entry of 1881 swimmers,  with 251 being the highest number of participants  completing a single Series event in 2017. A total of 764 individual swimmers participated in the 2017 Series, completing 1881 sea miles!

 The names of all swimmers who completed all 9 swims of the 2017 Series, and those who qualified for Series’ age group category prizes by completing at least 6 events this year, are listed lower down on this page.

 Token acknowledgement and recognition, presently under review in preparation for the 2018 Series, takes the form of plain medals (with a blue ribbon) carrying the Dolphin Mile Surf Swim Series logo, as follows:

 First Series swim entry - Plain medal, with the figure “1”incorporated in the logo

15 th Swim                   - Bronze medal with “15” in the logo

40 th Swim                   - Silver medal with “40” in the logo

65 th Swim                   - Gold medal with “65” in the logo

100 th Swim                 - Large and more elaborate gold medal with “100” in the logo

 No Dolphin Mile entrants have, as yet, notched up 65 or more swims since the 2010 Series events.

 It is hoped that this innovation will add to the great spirit of Dolphin Mile events, while encouraging all to “Keep on Swimming”” 

 It is hoped that this innovation will add to the great spirit of Dolphin Mile events, while encouraging all to “Keep on Swimming”

All 9 Series Swims of 2017

Barker,   Bryan

Grobler,   Frederik

Naidoo,   Carmel,

Webber,   Grant

Barnes,   John

Hambloch,   Carina

Padayachee,   Siva

Wessels,   Ian

Burton,   Michael

Hartslief,   Michele

Phillips,   Charles


Du   Bruyn, Aretha

Lucre,   Helen

Tennick,   David


Emanuel,   Michael

Murugan,   Surisha

Uys,   Jernelle




At least 6 SERIES Swims in 2017   





Alder,   Jody

Du   Plessis, Trevor

Hancock,   Tim

Rode,   Dawn

Ambrose,   Justin

Evens,   Steve

Jungbahadur,   Kavanika

Schambacher,   Ralf

Ashe,   Allan

Gaines,   Dominique

Love,   John

Trollip,   Rocco

Baines,   Mark

Gauche,   Arno

Maharaj,   Tariq

Van der   Spuy, Charles

Bowley,   Barbara

Govender,   Kaylan

O’Neill,   Shawn


Burczak,   Elizabeth

Grove,   S’Annara

Pelser,   Matthew










Bahneman,   Byron

Govender,   Dhilan

Judkins,   Paul

Serrurier,   Janine

Barker,   Richard

Govender,   Shreya

Kazl,   Shenaaz

Slade,   John

Clark,   David

Gultig,   Joshua

Kemp,   Gary

Terblanche,   Johan

Cooke,   Jason

Harrison,   Geoff

Lister-James,   Jeremy

Van   Rooijen, Gerhard

Etschmaier,   Jurgen

Harrison,   Peta

McKay, Tracy

Wilson,   Judith

Franklin,   Dianne

Hughes,   Diane

Nicklin,   Kim


Gibb,   Alan

Hughes,   Jimmy

Ribbink,   Kayla-Leigh










Allen,   Herve

Haffejee,   Muhamad

Ness,   Linda

Scott,   Levi

Barker,   Shaun

Hay,   Julie

Parkes,   Kim

Shange,   Sandile

Bowler,   Gary

Keeping,   Malcolm

Player,   Howard

Slade,   Zoe

Chatterton,   Bailey

Kemper,   Michiel

Ramkylas,   Neha

Smith,   Ruthmaree

Delomoney,   Keown

Kemper,   Wim

Raubenheimer,   Mike

Torberg,   Alexandra

Giles,   Alastair

Leighton,   Bruce

Reddhi,   Trevin

Vause,   Liesl

Gray,   Ann

Morrison,   Byron

Sardinha,   Mary-Clare

Verwey,   Francois

Hadenham,   Les

Myburgh,   Jan

Schenck,   Cornelius